Outline of Daily Activities at the Centre

The timetable below outlines a flexible daily routine designed to provide opportunities for children to make choices and decisions; to explore a variety of materials; to develop social skills through interaction with peers and adults; to reflect on ideas and actions; to use language in personally meaningful ways; and to receive appropriate adult care and support.

Daily Activities:
08:00 Welcome and activities in Art Area
09:00 Breakfast
09:20 Cleaning teeth and washing
09:30 Morning circle: songs, stories, and large group activities
10:00 Plan, Do, Clean-up
(Personal choice of activities)
11:00 Snack and Review of morning activities
11:20 Small group activities (Planned activities relating to the observation area for the day)
12:00 Outdoor play (Paddling pool, small sandpit, chalk etc.)
13:00 Lunch and cleaning teeth
13:30 Rest time – music and stories in the Quiet Area
14:00 Smaller children sleep, older children do puzzles and quieter activities
Adults plan
15:00 Planned activities for small and large groups
16:15 Snack
16:30 Free play as mothers begin to arrive
17:00 Hometime / Clean up


Within this daily routine adults support children’s active learning experiences, offering a variety of activities and providing resources to aid their development in relation to 10 key experiences:

  • Creative representation
  • Language and literacy
  • Initiative and social relations
  • Music
  • Movement
  • Classification
  • Seriation
  • Number
  • Space
  • Time

Plans are developed by the staff based on their observations of each child, which are interpreted and evaluated using the criteria outlined by High/Scope.




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